Accomplitude : A network of experienced and certified coaches


  • Coaching, Executive coaching, work on leadership and interpersonnal communication
    • Managers and executive
    • Leaders of change
    • Negotiators and mediators
    • Anybody wishing to fulfill one’s goals and (to?) reach objectives
  • Coach’Chine®, is specifically adapted to living, working and interacting with the Chinese for
    • Subsidiaries managers, local or expatriate executives
    • Managers and executives based in China
    • Préparation for expatriation of Westerners to China or Chinese to the West
  • Creation of collective intelligence
  • Team Building
  • Conflict management and resolution, mediation tools
  • Intercultural training

Accomplitude is working with certified coaches having both a business and managing experience AND a specific knowledge of intercultural interactions


Véronique Cheynet-Cluzel Véronique Cheynet Cluzel is coaching executives since 2004. Véronique’s areas of expertise are executive coaching and projects in France and also China for change management, conflict resolution, and work related to the meeting between Western and Chinese cultures -Coach’Chine® - about business or expatriation. Her knowledge of intercultural field between Western and Chinese cultures helps her to conduct programs for Women Leadership.

Véronique has 25 years experience of negotiation strategy and mediation, and is a practitioner of Harvard Negotiation Project. She got involved in the creation of a Head purchasing office in the pharmaceutical industry by bringing together the managers activities.

Her experience of China includes coaching in China and training in a company in China in the 80s, a few months at Shanghai Institute of Foreign Languages as well as the reading of Chinese classic texts. Her knowledge of the Asian culture and mentality, the way she conducts coaching and her conferences, allow her to improve her understanding of human relationships.

Véronique is also Vice President of the Ricci Association (as part of the Ricci Institute, specializing in research on the Chinese language). She is in charge of public relations to governmental institutions and businesses in order to raise funds for the Grand Ricci (A Chinese-French Encyclopaedia in 7 volumes – 13500 characters, ethymologic study, historical interpretation, a wide range of fields including economy, pharmacy, law, philosophy…). Véronique speaks English, French and has a degree in Mandarin.

Véronique has a scientific background completed by studies at the University of Oriental languages. She is certified "Coach and Team Building" by Transformance (Vincent Lenhardt). She uses several specific tools among which Transactional Analysis, Gestalt and she has specialized in Emotional Intelligence and Marshall Rosenberg’s communication process, NonViolent Communication (awareness Communication) and in MBSR – Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. Véronique is passionate by the human and helps the Leaders to become Mindful Leaders. As a scientific, she loves decrypting processes and mapping territories of needs. She is recognized for helping people reach their objectives.

“ Every activity in harmony with life, according to present and future, is accomplishment ”
Albert Kahn 1918

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